Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Autumnal Scheme: Copper and Teal

I find it hard to believe that it's actually officially autumn here in Brisbane as there's certainly no sign of the hot humid days letting up just yet. Being from the UK I do miss a good seasonal transition. I love how the light changes, how the air smells that little bit different and how you can somehow feel things changing with all your senses. I definitely can't complain about the sunshine here but I like the idea of creating a look at home that is inspired by autumnal colours, even if the weather is still in summer-mode. I found the photo  above from Pannaphotos' Flickr stream via Pinterest and I absolutely love how the wet pavement appears a deep teal colour with gorgeous coppery reflective contrasts. It's a palette that isn't as obviously autumnal as the more mossy greens and burnt oranges of falling leaves, and that is exactly why I like it. Here's my translation of the photo in the form of some lovely, lovely homewares...time to daydream!

01. Copenhagen 3 Seat Sofa in Lido Teal - Freedom, $1,499 | 02. Metallic/Linen Cushion Cover in Copper - H&M Australia, $14.95 | 03. Shadow Pendant in Copper Colour - Freedom, $129 | 04. Copper Dot Painted Canvas Bucket - Lumiere Art & Co, $69.95 | 05. Scamp Large Table - Bludot, $399.20 (Limited Price) | 06. Flower Turquoise Wall Tiles - Bonnie and Neal, $25 each | 07. Greek Key Cerulean Throw - Adorn Homewares, $160 | 08.  Indian Bowl Copper Polished - Wheel and Barrow, $19.95


Saturday, 8 March 2014

DIY: A Touch of Marble

Marble is one of those materials that I imagine having in my 'forever' home, one day in the distant future.  For now, it's just too damn expensive to consider (plus I don't own my own home yet - that's a pretty big barrier between me and my dream carrera marble kitchen island!).  Thankfully, there is a budget way to add a touch of marble at home in the meantime, demonstrated brilliantly by the bloggers below...
DIY Marble Lamp via Weekday Carnival

DIY Marble Table via Stylizimo Blog 

DIY Marble Photo Frame via Plateful of Love

DIY Marble Pot via My Dubio

With little more than a pair of scissors and some marble contact paper, these girls have customised simple items to create something original and pretty darn good looking! I was really quite surprised at how stylish the results look, and how well this DIY works in the context of a minimal, monochrome, scandinavian interior.  

Unfortunately, it seems Australia doesn't have a great selection of marble contact paper from what I could see on the inter web. I found a couple of options from fishpond.com.au and eBay.com, but my favourites are from US site Design Your Wall. However, seeing as their shipping charges are extortionate, it's an absolute no go. If anyone out there knows where you can get this stuff in Aus, let me know! I'd love to try out this DIY myself! I'm thinking a marble box to hide our TV remotes. What would you marble-ise?


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Throw in the Towel

For a quick and easy bathroom refresh, I'm loving the idea of mixing and matching some new hand and bath towels. There are plenty out there to choose from so it's easy to tailor your choice to your own space and taste and find towels that compliment each other in terms of colour and print. I've whittled it down to my top three combos:

01. Jonathan Adler Arcade Orange & Grey Bath Towel, $91 - Shopstyle Australia  + Diamond Hand Towel, $18 - Cool Galah | 02. Dove Hand Towel, $35 - Ziporah + Heath Bath Towel, $29.95 - Country Road | 03. Muse Chevron Bath Towel, $34.95 - Pillow Talk + Missoni Giacomo Hand Towel, $35 - Safari Living

I hope you're having a great Sunday!


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shop Online: Paterson and Steele

Thanks to an accidental 'stumble across' on Instagram, I found a gorgeous, brand spanking new online homewares store called Paterson and Steele. Apart from the fact that the store was devised by 'a design obsessed, self-confessed shopaholic' and 'a surf obsessed wine expert'(!), for me, what sets Paterson and Steele apart from other homewares stores is that their products have a story - they are handmade and sometimes end up going straight from an artist's studio into the store, meaning you are getting something new, original and lovingly made. They understand that a home needs soul, so they veer away from the mass produced and the ordinary. Their commitment to ethical sourcing and affordable prices is another reason to check them out, but most of all, I LOVE that they have an 'In the Doghouse' section on the site. If you are lucky enough to have a dog (a black staffy is on my 'one day' wish list!) then the Jonathon Adler collars and leashes will be right up your street! Here are six of my favourite picks from the store:

01. Dip Dyed Macrame Hanger Pink, $139 | 02. Jai Vasicek China Blue Cross, $125 | 03. Gloh Vessel Neon Pink, $35 | 04. Bone Storage Box Blue/White, $70 | 05. Algarve Cushion Natural/Neon Pink, $60 | 06. Hand Painted Antler White/Navy/Gold/Lime, $70

Plus, a pug (sadly, not for sale).  How could I go past a pug?!

All images sourced from patersonandsteele.com.au


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Skincare 101: Soak Up the Knowledge of Caroline Hirons

Over the Christmas break I discovered Caroline Hirons and my skin is thanking me for it. If you're a beauty buff, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. If you don't, get to know her. She's the straight-talking, no bullshit skincare ORACLE and with 17 years' experience in the beauty industry, this lady knows her stuff. You can learn more about her skincare philosophy over at her blog, carolinehirons.com, where she posts regular product reviews and useful 'cheat sheets' on a variety of skincare issues. You can also pick up some useful tips here in a recent interview she did with the Pixiwoo sisters  (these girls are make-up marvels) on their Body Talk Youtube channel. I really like the way she dismisses the concept of 'anti-ageing' and describes getting older as a privilege - wise words indeed.

Historically I've been really lazy with my skin. I'd frequently go to sleep in my make-up, I'd wash my face with shower gel, occasionally using an abrasive scrub to exfoliate, then I'd slap on some cheap moisturiser and be done with it. Now my thirties have hit, I'm taking more of an interest in keeping my skin at its best. In the words of Caroline, 'you've only got one face!' Below, I've summed up 10 key tips I've picked up from Caroline's blog:

1. Start your skincare regime on the inside by taking a regular fish oil supplement and drinking lots of water daily to ensure your skin is adequately hydrated.
2. Avoid products containing mineral oil at all costs. Mineral oil is a cheap substance that is derived from petroleum. When applied to the skin it forms a film, which does have a temporary smoothing effect, but ultimately makes absorption of active ingredients nigh on impossible. It is of no benefit to the skin whatsoever.
3. CLEANSE! Morning and night (twice at night if you've been wearing make-up and/or SPF during the day), using a non-mineral oil cleanser, obvs (sorry Eve Lom, you're out). No more sleeping with your make-up on. Ever.
4. Avoid foaming cleansers as they strip the skin. Although they tend to be marketed towards oily skin types, they actually have a counter-productive effect by over-stimulating the skin, causing it to produce even more oil. Gel or balm cleansers taken off with a wet flannel are much better.
5. Exfoliate in a liquid form. Use an exfoliating toner, rather than a scrub that contains abrasive kernals that can cause broken capillaries and over-stimulate the skin.
6. Apply eye cream before moisturiser so that it properly absorbs into your skin.  Putting it on afterwards, according to the Oracle, is like 'wearing knickers over your trousers.' Enough said.
7. Skin serums/oils are great no matter your skin type.
8. Use a separate moisturiser and SPF. According to Caroline, SPF is a dominant ingredient and if you use a moisturiser containing SPF, you won't be getting the best from your moisturiser.
9. If you would spend more on a handbag or a new pair of shoes than you would spend on your face, your priorities are wrong. Buy the best you can afford and if you can, have a few different products on rotation to mix up your routine depending on the changing needs of your skin. 
10. Last but not least (and my personal favourite), wipes are  strictly for 'fannies, festivals and flights.' Avoid! 

Who do you turn to for honest and useful skincare advice?


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Supermarket Chic

I mentioned in my last post that saving more money is on my agenda for this year, but I've still got to fuel my addiction for prettying up my unit - that's non-negotiable! Rather than hitting the shops and being tempted by pricey homewares, I found inspiration in the midst of a mundane grocery shop. Here is my supermarket haul for a little home sprucing on a budget:

1. Chevron Portable Coffee Mug (Woolworths) - great for a nice cup of coffee at your desk, but even better without the lid and filled with flowers, pencils, make-up brushes or whatever else you fancy. I'm diggin these peach tulips, also picked up at the supermarket.

2. San Pellegrino Sparkling Water - this iconic bottle design  is displayed in so many stylish kitchens and bar carts I see about the web. Lovely.

3. Thankyou Hand Wash - these are a fab wallet-friendly alternative to the expensive Aesop hand washes and proceeds from this range help fund sustainable health and hygiene education programs in developing countries.

4. Limes - I never shy away from a pop of colour so a glass container full of limes adds a suitable hit of green.  Same goes for oranges or lemons; change it up!

How do you find inexpensive ways to spruce up your home?  I'd love to know!